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Market Insider is a business intelligence software that puts the pharmaceutical industry’s trade data into perspective.

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IMS data.

Discover the market share of your and your competitors’ products. Use the key performance indicators (KPIs) of your choice and define the time periods that interest you. Get your analyses at national, regional (sales territories) macro blocks or IMS blocks level, no matter the sales channel.

CRM data.

Analyze the coverage and frequency of visits to the different target groups of your sales force, the number of scheduled appointments as well as customers who have not yet been visited. Market Insider has no limits: all existing targeting segmentations can be integrated in your analysis, either on a product base or general activity within your sales teams.

Each position within a pharmaceutical company faces specific analytical needs.
What’s yours?

Sales RepresentativeKey Account ManagerSales ManagerBrand • Product ManagerManagement

Direct sales (internal).

Operate an efficient sales analysis with respect to the various hospitals, physicians, and wholesalers (as well as all other distribution channels), that place an order directly with business. If your market consists of corporate groups, such as the hospital chains in Switzerland, you can analyze the sales both in terms of the entire group or in relation to the various units of the respective group. So you’ll be more knowledgeable in future business negotiations!

Sales Objectives.

Giving visibility of the company’s performance to the sales force is essential. With Market Insider your sales representatives, key account managers, sales managers, etc., can track sales targets achievements efficiently. This also applies to their respective bonus plans and the budget (and / or trends) of the company.

Specific data.

Your business is unique and we value it. With Market Insider, you can integrate all the data that is useful to you in order to ensure the achievement of your goals. Don't wait, use it!

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