MarketIn Health

MarketIn Health is a Swiss consulting company that specializes in optimizing sales efficiency and marketing of the pharmaceutical companies.

We make the data analysis of pharmaceutical companies easy, efficient and esthetic

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Our mission is to help pharmaceutical companies to make their work more efficient by simplifying the process through which they see and understand the critical data for their business.


Customer satisfaction Being at the service of our customers is our highest priority. Everything we do serves this purpose. We respect our customers, we value their needs and do our best to satisfy them through the services we offer. Every happy and satisfied customer is a milestone in all our projects. Innovation We are forward thinking and appreciate challenges. Whatever the situations our customers are facing, we are always looking for creative and effective solutions to address them. Trust and reliability We build trust by listening to our customers and by keeping our promises. We believe that the work performed with high quality requirements is worth more than a nice speech.


Pharmaceutical companies are so specialized and complex that a standardised decision analysis software cannot meet all their needs. We value the uniqueness of each pharmaceutical company that we support and we adapt fully to our customers.

We are located in Lausanne, Switzerland.
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